Monday, August 3, 2009

Why I Want to Be a Maid

Becoming a woman was never a question for me; I have always known that that is who I am and what I want to be, so the 'sissification' process was never the big, defining feature to me. I am trans, and although it took me several years, I'm no longer ashamed to admit that.

The reason I am attracted to servitude is very simple: I enjoy submitting. I've always been naturally rebellious, and I automatically strike out against authority, but, at heart, what I really want is to be taken control of. I, like anyone in this subculture, am of course attracted to the outfits and the other trappings. I've always enjoyed dressing up whether it be an an elegant ballgown, a sultry schoolgirl outfit, or a weird and wild costume. I feel that we all play roles constantly, and that clothes help us fill those's not that a girl in a runner's outfit is any different than the same girl in a long silk dress, but she will likely behave differently in those different outfits because the runner's shorts and sports bra make her feel like a runner and the dress makes her feel like a lady. But I digress, the outfits are only the frilly bit, only the cherry on top of the cake. The real part of this, or so I think, is giving your will to someone...letting them decide what you can or cannot say (if you are allowed to speak at all), what is proper for you to do and wear, and even whether or not your hands should be free. There is a comfort and an excitement in knowing that you belong to someone.

In terms of what I have to offer, I'm not entirely sure. All I have to offer is myself, and, therefore, that's all I will offer. I think I will be much more trainable than many sissies who are coming from a masculine persuasion. I am in touch with my femininity; I don't have to be told to wear a bra and panties or how to put together an outfit; I've already gotten long past those simple leaps, and I already live full time as a woman. The initiation process of "girls do X and you do Y, fix it!" is practically extraneous in my case, so we can focus on the core of service and servitude. I know that, once claimed, my purpose is to serve my mistress, whoever she may be, and I take great pleasure in the idea of pleasing my mistress.

My great weakness is twofold. First, I am, as I mentioned, somewhat rebellious, so I will likely test my mistress by subltly ignoring her instructions or 'artistically' going a different direction. I am submissive, but I test authority to make sure that said authority will provide a stern hand. I cannot say what should be done about this, but I will say that it is my nature to touch the burning stove to see if it's hot, so to speak. Also, I have been known to be careless in my following of instructions. I don't always get them done to the letter, and I know this is something which must be corrected.

Hopefully, with a firm hand and good instruction, I will make a good maid for someone.

Amended to adhere to original instructions. Three uniforms I would like to own:


  1. Clarisse,

    I have had a glance over this and will read it fully later. However, with just a cursory look I notice that you have not read the instructions properly. This is quite a poor start. Please read them again and amend your blog accordingly. In the meantime, I will have think about your punishment.

  2. I apologize for my poor performance, and I gladly accept punishment.

  3. it's good to see that you have chosen such perfect outfits - i'm sure you would look very pretty in any of these. Now, for your punishment: You should write in your best girly handwriting, 100 times, "I am a stupid girl will always read instructions carefully. I am going to a be a perfect maid and serve my Mistress faithfully." Once this is done you will take a picture of the writing and post it on your blog along with a short explanation of why you have been asked to do this. Secondly, you will find an instrument to spank yourself with, bend over a chair or stool in just your panties and give yourself 50 hard strikes on each cheek, shouting out the count in your best girly voice. Once this is done, you will let me know and I will set your tasks for the evening.

  4. nightwolf: do a search for "so you want to be a maid?" - it's a book that's brutally honest about your chances, but has a lot of good advice if you're serious about serving as a male maid or sissy maid.

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